Systemic Family Therapy

A therapy service for individuals, couples and families

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What problems does this therapy help with?

Family therapists are experienced in a wide range of areas, including parenting issues, child and adolescent behaviour, divorce and separation, adult mental health and changes in family life. This type of psychotherapy is particularly helpful in supporting families going through significant life changes, as well as treating specific problems (listed below). I work with problems that present themselves in children, young people or adults; indeed, family therapists may work with problems that have been present across several generations.

A 2009 academic research review in the Journal of Family Therapy listed the circumstances in which family therapy had proved to be effective for children, adolescents and the important people in their lives:

Research also indicates the effectiveness of family therapy for adults and families affected by:

In some circumstances family therapy is more effective than individual therapy:

When indicated, I can bring in additional professional help to support the process. If appropriate, and with your agreement, it is sometimes helpful to consult with fellow professionals in the field, such as psychiatrists, child and adolescent psychotherapists, or art therapists.

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